We create digital twins that are exact replicas of their physical counterparts

Unlock business potential with high-fidelity digital twins. Visual tactility and real-world accuracy build instant trust in your products — all in one pass.

Maximize ROI with tailored, future-proof digital twins

Benefit from our unique blend of expertise in digital twin materials, physical material properties, and advanced imaging.

We push state-of-the-art technology to its limits to deliver tailored, future-proof solutions. Through co-creation with our clients, we guarantee value for money — maximized ROI from a single input to multiple outputs — all in one pass.

Let your eyes be the judge, standard scan vs 3D Material scan


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Revolutionary for both industry and community

As visual experts, we firmly believe that this innovative technology has the power to introduce or (re)connect industries
with communities of creators, designers and creative professionals. 

“The results from 3D Material Scan are far beyond anything we have seen so far. Now, our materials are almost ready to use, which reduces our processing time and costs.”

Pieter lozie — 3D expert

“With photography we can only choose one light position and we have one output. With 3D Material Scan, we get consistent results and we can offer a 3D material to our customers as well.”

bram declercq — photographer

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accelerated development



A bit blown away?
We know exactly how you feel.

We know it’s a lot to take in, that is why we took the time to answer some questions we frequently get.

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Do I need so much detail?

If you look to how much pixels you need to view on a screen, the technical answer is no. But, if you have an image with a lot of detail and you downsize it, these details will not go lost. You will always see them. Second, we also have to make only one material for both details and overview images. So, in one go, you have both.

Are there materials you can not transform into a digital twin?

Until now, we did not have a material that we could not transform. Don’t forget that we use different techniques, so there is always a way!

What is PBR?

PBR stands for Physically Based Rendering.
The material mimics the physical properties as good as possible, so you get a real-life material in the virtual world.

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin of an object or a material is an exact replica but virtual. The closer you are to the original, the more realistic it looks when used in visualisation, configurators, website, etc. Although we specialise in making digital twins of materials, we can help you with digital twins of objects as well.

Why scanning and not photography?

We have 20 years of experience in the field of photography and we never got results as with our scanner today. Uniformity in light, the capturing of detail, continuity in output and many other things make scanning the preferred option. We still use other techniques, but over 90% of the materials can be scanned.

What is the difference of your scanner with others on the market?

The idea behind the technology exists already for a very long time and is nothing new. It is commonly used for creating PBR materials.

Our scanner though has 8 light sources for very detailed capturing of the 3D data of materials. Also the image sensor is unique, as it delivers very consistent and color true results.

We have used other scanners on the market for the last 5 years, but never got the results as we are getting now.

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